Planning a Dementia-Friendly Christmas

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It is never too early to start planning the next Christmas celebration, which will take place in your dementia care home. Christmas can provide a great opportunity for your residents to enjoy the pleasures that the festive season can bring. Read on to discover the steps you can take to make sure that Christmas Day is extra special.

Order Finger Food

People living with dementia may find it difficult to coordinate the use of a knife and fork when eating. When ordering the food for Christmas dinner, focus on finger foods which can be easily picked up and consumed. For example, you may wish to order turkey sausage rolls, roasted carrot fingers, roast vegetable canapés and, of course, mince pies.

Create Memory Crackers

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas with pulling a few crackers. Once the Christmas crackers have been purchased from a wholesaler, you can set to work customising them to create a fun memory game. Simply do the following. Instead of placing toys or small gifts inside the crackers, use old photographs, coins, and other items from the past. When the crackers are opened, the objects found inside can help to trigger memories, allowing each resident to reminisce about the past and their life. To learn more, contact a Christmas crackers company about this option so you can check it out.

Create a Christmas Quiz

Once dinner is over, why not treat your residents to a Christmas quiz? A simple online search will provide you with lots of templates and questions which can be customised for your audience. When selecting questions, it is a good idea to focus on the past rather than the present day. Because people with dementia can struggle to read a text, it is best to use multimedia. For example, you may wish to include a music round in which you play classic Christmas songs which participants must identify. Alternatively, you could print screenshots from famous Christmas films and ask those taking part to identify the characters.

Manage the Environment

Bright or flashing lights can disorientate a person living with dementia. It is important you manage the environment in which the party will be held to make sure it is dementia-friendly. Ideally, the lights should not be too bright. It is also a good idea to clearly signpost the toilets, the dining area and other important locations so guests can easily navigate around the space.

We hope that these suggestions will enable you to plan the perfect Christmas celebration for your residents.