What Types of Garlic Can You Find in The Market Today?

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Have you been assigned to buy garlic for your restaurant, hotel, or regular use at home? Garlic is one of the power foods that's included in most recipes today, thanks to the different benefits it offers. However, most people do not know that there are different types of garlic in the market.

Each type is designed to provide a different flavour and nuance to your dishes, so it's essential to make informed choices while shopping. Although most recipes rarely specify the form of garlic you should use, it's still crucial to know the primary varieties, especially if you like experimenting with flavours. Here is a list of common kinds of garlic you can buy.

Hardneck garlic

One of the common types of garlic you will find in the market today is hardneck garlic. It comes with a woody stalk in the middle, where the cloves form around it. That tough stalk acts as a guide when you get to the market and are specifically searching for hardneck garlic. Compared to other kinds of garlic, hardneck's flavour is stronger, and it's the reason why it's described as spicy. Varieties like porcelain, purple stripe, and rocambole are part of the hardneck garlic family, so you'll know what you are buying when you see those names. It also has fewer cloves than other types of garlic.

You can use this type of garlic to add more flavour in roasts and salad dressings that contain energetic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and mustard or when you want to make garlic-infused vinegar or olive oil.

Softneck garlic

Another type of garlic you'll come across while shopping is softneck garlic. The bulb is usually covered by a multilayered parchment that goes up to the bulb's neck. Its stalk is soft and flexible, while the skin is papery and creamy white. One of this garlic's unique traits is that it has multiple layers of cloves that surround the stalk. Outer layers are firm and larger than the inner cloves that hug the stalk. This variety is suitable for people who use or consume raw garlic. For instance, it can be used for a garlic-flavoured salad dressing to add a plant-like taste.

Black garlic

Black garlic is popularly used in most parts of the world. This garlic has rich, mellow undertones and is a bit chewy, just like dried fruit. You will also notice notes of chocolate, a little sweetness and bitterness, and umami when you eat it, making it ideal for individuals who don't like regular garlic. You can use it as an appetizer, in sauces, or to garnish meats and salads.

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